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Art in the Park 2009

An Exhibition of Sculptures

by New England Artists at

Worcester’s Historic Elm Park

August 6 - October 4

Presented by the Worcester

Cultural Commission, funded

by the Massachusetts Cultural Council with support from Park Spirit and the City of Worcester Dept. of Public Works & Parks.


Michael Hachey

Worcester State University

Beth McLaughlin

Attleboro Museum

Ellen Driscoll

Sculptor and Professor at RISD

Joe Fix | Newbury, MA

Playing With Blocks

Plywood, paint, polished stainless steel

Joe Fix | Newbury, MA

(created in collaboration with Sara Fix)

What Lays Within

Wood, sod

Michael Frassinelli | Holliston, MA

Pianista Observatorium

Piano parts, wood, steel wire, copper wire, mechanisms

Vicente Garcia | Simsbury, CT

Steel Vessels, #1 and #2

Steel, re-bar

James Kitchen | Chesterfield, MA

Einstein’s Onion

Found objects, iron and steel

Lisa Barthelson | Rutland, MA

Found Nest, After Ice Storm

found branches, roadside stones, inner wire from downed electrical lines

Andy Campbell | Boston, MA

Growing Home

pressure treated pine, welded steel, hemp twine, black enamel, solar powered lanterns, English ivy

Susan Champeny | Worcester, MA

Chair Arch 9

resin-cast lawn chairs, cable ties, ree-bar

Susan Champeny | Worcester, MA

Red Totems

all recycled materials – red plastic plates, bowls and cups, on pipe cast into bases of paint buckets filled with concrete

Marisa Dipaola | Vernon, VT


basketwoven found plastic bags and outdoor lights on reinforced chicken wire frame

Marisa Dipaola | Vernon, VT


basketwoven found plastic bags and outdoor lights on reinforced chicken wire frame

Brooke Mullins Doherty | New Bedford, MA

Nexus (Rhizomes)

Polyester, wire, acrylic, polyurethane, wood, Styrofoam

Joseph Ferguson | Weston, MA



Joe Fix | Newbury, MA

Flight Lines

Wood, paint

James Kitchen | Chesterfield, MA


Found art, iron and steel recycled tools, doorknobs, farm items

Steven Rolf Kroeger | Albany, NY


Neon, VW Microbus, steel, paint, Styrofoam, expandable foam

Andy Moerlein | Bow, NH

Listening for Lightning

Sawn maple log and saplings

Marcella Stasa | Upton, MA

Bird Work

Bird’s nests with mixed media

Susu Wing | Arlington, MA

Tarpin Chasing Silversides

Laminated plastic on a steel fence


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