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5 Sculptures from AIPW 2017 “Interludes” on display at Worcester Academy and Anna Maria College

Art in the Park, Worcester announced five sculptures from “Interludes” Art in the Park 2017 were on display at Worcester Academy and Anna Maria College. Joe Chirchirillo’s, Spinning Wheel; James Kitchen’s, Stumbling Blocks; Elizabeth Keithline’s, Two Boats, One for You, One for Me; and Michael Yefko’s, Suburban Slip No. 3 are on view at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA while James Burnes’ “Huaso is at Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA.

These collaborative efforts between Art in the Park of Worcester, Anna Maria College and Worcester Academy continues our work to expose public art and its artists to a variety of audiences and promote artists’ work as we transform the places where we live, work, study, and play into welcoming spaces. The display at Anna Maria, a spacious venue known for its natural beauty, becomes a highlight of the visual landscape. David Wackell from the Visual Arts Department at the college states “Each sculpture has distinctive characteristics that lend to the seasonal calendar of Central Massachusetts: on snowy surfaces, in rusty fall colors, and throughout verdant spring, morning mist and lively sunshine mark the intervals and testament of their quotidian presence.”. The college welcomes the public to view. 

The exhibit at Anna Maria marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with the Department of Visual Arts where in concert with Art in the Park, Worcester sculptures will be displayed biennially though out the exhibition period at Elm Park and academic calendar at Anna Maria. The collaboration will include connecting activities. 

Please call Gloria D. Hall, Project Manager, Art in the Park, Worcester 508-341-3838 for any questions.